Les Interprètes/亲爱的翻译官 Episode 2 Recap

Sorry for the delay guys. I couldn’t find episode 2 as it was taken down on Maplestage (where I found episode 1) but luckily I found it on Viki. After watching these 2 episodes, I can safely say that they deviated a lot from the source novel. The source novel was indeed too racy for television but the drama is basically taking the character names and the profession ONLY. I can see almost no other similarities; which isn’t a problem because this way we don’t have any unnecessary comparisons. Btw I only read about a quarter of the novel, I wasn’t motivated enough to finish it. Hehe.

Episode 2:

Jiayang tells Qiao Fei that her 10 minutes is up; he was given 150 minutes to interview 15 people. Qiao Fei reasons that her time is not yet up as he had already ousted one person. Qiao Fei then apologises for being late and asks Jiayang how he would act if he was late due to unforeseen circumstances. He firmly states that he would not be late. He then holds up his watch that is set 30 minutes forwards.


He then simultaneously tells her that her time is up, while writing a massive 0 on her interview form. :O

Qiao Fei vents out her frustration to her fellow interviewees and announces that if she is kicked out because of him she will not dare be named Qiao Fei. So Jiayang gives her one more chance. He tells her to repeat what she just said in French. She eloquently does but is given a mere 10 points.



We meet Wang Xudong (Zhang Yun Long) and Zhou Nan (Wang Renjun) who are waiting at a restaurant for Xiaohua for business. Zhou Nan is very impatient and keeps reprimanding Xiaohua for being late. As soon as he sees her his attitude changes upon seeing her beauty. *Rolls eyes. And when they shake hands he doesn’t let go… Ewww.

It turns out that Xiaohua is representing her dad today and she isn’t clear about the transaction so they postpone the business talk.

Qiao Fei is being reprimanded by the supervisors at her university dorm. It turns out that she has always struggled to pay her rent and fees on time and she ends up calling her friend Jiayi to borrow some money. Jiayi is a performer/actress of some sort and agrees to lend her the money in exchange for living with her and being her temporary assistant.

The results are out for Qiao Fei’s interview. She received a high mark of 125; well above the threshold for entering the company. However, she fails to pass. A very pissed and hot headed Qiao Fei storms off to demand an explanation.


Meanwhile, Jiayang’s Head is disappointed that a student who achieved 1st place in the written exam could not enter the company. Jiayang states that she was late and there would be no exceptions. However he softens up and does give her a position with a probation period. The head then recalls that he has only ever seen one other person achieve such high marks in the written exam. This person is not Jiayang as he skipped any testing at all and entered the company, but it was Xiaohua.

At this moment Xiaohua enters. She requests for a position and is warmly greeted by everyone. While the coworkers are having some small talk Jiayang is first family zoned (as Xiaohua calls him her brother) and then child zoned again (as Xiaohua calls him childish). Awkward…


So excited and happy!




Heartbroken… :,(

Qiao Fei finds Jiayang and demands to know if Jiayang rigged the selection so that she could not pass the exam. Jiayang tells her to calm down but she says that she cannot calm down as her dream is being crushed. Sh*t is on.

Jiayang switches to beast mode and explains that she didn’t pass the criteria as they changed it this year. In order to pass one needs to achieve a minimum in both the interview and written exam. So although Qiao Fei’s aggregate mark passed the threshold, her interview marks were too low.

Qiao Fei believes that this change was biased towards her and unreasonably demands and whines. But Jiayang roasts her by telling her that this world does not revolve around her and without her the interpreting profession as well as their company would not be affected. Ooof, that was harsh. But in a way I guess Qiao Fei needs a wake up call.

Qiao Fei is told about her special probation period as Jiayang’s coworkers watch their fight. Apparently all the trainers (for the newbie interpreters) have reached maximum capacity. Only Jiayang is free. BUT he refuses and Qiao Fei refuses to ask/beg him.

Finally after a stare fest he agrees to take her in. BUT there is one exception – she must achieve 1st position in the final exam for determining the fate of the interns (whether they can stay or not). She confidently agrees. You go gurl! He then asks for her watch and Qiao Fei smugly hands it over. He sees that she had set it 30 minutes forwards but he cheekily sets it 30 minutes forwards once more. Why? Because she has a history of being late. LOL.


Fight me! HA!

On the first day of training Jiayang plays a recording in French while he requests for Qiao Fei to climb down stairs. After the recording ends he asks her how many steps she climbed. She answers correctly and is told to buy coffee. Later they discuss that she may have just multiplied the steps with the amount of floors she climbed. But Jiayang tells them that she would have missed the fire escape if she did do that. 🙂


Jiayang’s coworker wishes the Head a long and prosperous reign (aka keep his Head position) because he will be ruined the day Jiayang is promoted. ROFL!

When she comes back with the coffee he asks her what she heard in the recording just then. She stares at him blankly. He asks her what the objective of that exercise was. It turns out that it was to train one’s attention to focus on one thing in a distracting environment. She still can’t recall the contents of the recording and keeps seeking excuses. “Didn’t the exercise end when you asked for the number of steps? No! It doesn’t end until you’re home in bed!” “Didn’t you ask me to buy coffee? NO! We don’t waste so much money training you to become a servant.” Oh gosh I can feel the second hand struggle to avoid confrontation.

She then vaguely remembers something about Monet and his “Water Lilies” series and a train station. Luckily Jiayang lets her off with a pass. Phew. He tells her that next time she has no excuses to make up excuses. (Sorry I have no excuse to make that sentence so complicated and convoluted to read. :P)

Qiao Fei loses almost all her spunk and fire and stands there vulnerable and defeated. It is actually so weird to see her like that. Yang Mi’s acting has improved so much!


We meet Jiaming at his home environment – the hospital! At the hospital he comforts a patient who finds out his disease is incurable. Jiaming saves the day by promising him to treat him because the disease is indeed incurable but at the same time treatable.


Qiao Fei studies hard even during her lunch break. When her friends see her they find out that she is actually sick. But this does not stop her from studying as she puts on her best Jiayang interpretation: “How can you just get sick? How can you let personal matters get in the way of your job? Stop finding excuses!” On point gurl! Jiayang claps as he walks in hehe.


The other two rush off and Jiayang gives her some food. He reminds her that one must rest well to perform at their best. He walks back to his office empty handed and his coworker wonders where his lunch was? He says that he is on a diet. 😉


So far so good. The only problem I have is the weird introduction of the side characters. Jiaming, Jiayi and Xudong are introduced so briefly and randomly and don’t seem to have any purpose or add to the plot. I’m sure they do though. We’ll have to keep watching. 🙂

Click here for the recap for episode 3.


One thought on “Les Interprètes/亲爱的翻译官 Episode 2 Recap

  1. So far, the side characters are weak and boring, especially the doctor. I always skip his part. Qiao Fei’s best friend seems interesting, though.

    Great recap. I couldn’t quite understand some of the witty dialogues whilst watching with my limited Chinese, so I’m glad you shed light on those. I can’t wait for you to recap Ep 6. There is one confrontation scene which was very intense, and YM’s acting really hit me hard there.

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