Les Interprètes/亲爱的翻译官 Episode 1 Recap

Hi guys! After a long time contemplating I decided to restart my blog afresh. So why? Well, I didn’t quite feel the direction my blog was heading and my posts didn’t seem of any value to me. So here I am now on my first blog post again. I still haven’t thought about the clear direction I want my blog in BUT recapping Les Interprètes will be the first step.

I lurve Huang Xuan’s acting capabilities and Yang Mi has been improving even if ever so slightly so I knew I had to check this out. Oh and fun fact I use to learn French buuut I can barely string a sentence anymore… 😦 I think this drama will be good motivation for me to practice my French again. Gosh I am so excited. Hehe let’s get this recap started.

Episode 1:

We start off with some pretty aerial shots of Zurich in Switzerland.

Qiao Fei (Yang Mi) then introduces herself as an exchange student studying French. Her life motto is: “Even if I just pass by I must not miss it”. Her reasoning? She doesn’t want to miss any beautiful scenery and wishes to capture them all! She has a serious case of FOMO. Lol jokes XD.

Chen Jiayang (Huang Xuan) introduces himself next. He is a translator. Although he believes that French is the most beautiful language to everyone in the world, Chinese claims the top spot in the heart of Chinese people. Luckily for him he oscillates between the two languages. He states that during a translation, active language is used frequently and he believes that life is the same. If someone makes a mistake in translation he will actively discipline them. He ends with: “Some people are born not to be interpreters.” Oh gosh is he hinting at me? Why is it so hard to recap you Chen Jiayang! Words within words I’m loving his acting and the script is already so intriguing and charismatic for his character.


We now enter a massive setting that looks like a professional talk. Qiao Fei hands out some information regarding the forum to Jiayang and speaks in French. Jiayang stares back with a poker-face. Qiao Fei assumes that he cannot speak French and tries to find a Chinese version of the information for him.

Someone pulls Qiao Fei to the side and asks her to translate a conversation between a Chinese speaker and a French speaker. While the French speaker begins, Jiayang stands nearby and listens closely. Qiao Fei begins to translate but is struggling to accurately translate the French speaker’s words. Jiayang quickly corrects her and does a professional job of translating.


Senpai’s pretty side view

Afterwards Qiao Fei curiously bombards him with questions. But Jiayang instead disciplines her French. Qiao Fei explains that she is a second year student only and some phrases have yet to be learnt. Jiayang mutters that with her skill she doesn’t need to continue her studies.


Looking at senpai

Jiayang explains that this was taught in first year and is a very basic mistake. He says that French is not an easy degree to pursue. “Don’t think that you can play in first year, travel in second year and then start a relationship in third and fourth year and then successfully graduate.” He patronizingly tells her to stop playing around with French. Qiao Fei snaps back that she is a top student who has a scholarship hence why she is on exchange. She also tells him that her dream is to become a translator. He then proceeds to tell her that she is not suited to become one.

Apparently Jiayang told Qiao Fei’s university about her mistake and they decide to stop her scholarship. :O. Qiao Fei checks the first year textbook and realises that what she translated wrong was indeed in there. She promises herself to study hard and become a professional translator.

6 years later.

Back in Shanghai Qiao Fei is now working as a bartender while she studies. As she is working her coworker spills wine all over a customer. Yes that customer is Jiayang. Jiayang proceeds to pour white wine all over himself. The manager offers to buy a new one but we find out that it is a tailor made one from Italy.

Jiayang then pours red wine all over Qiao Fei and then some white wine. He explains that this will remove the red wine stain. Ooh. He tells the manager not to worry as he will wash the stain out himself. The manager asks Qiao Fei to gift him a bottle of wine. At this point both of them still don’t recognise each other.


As Qiao Fei stops a taxi for him, he tells her that he forgot his wallet. Qiao Fei is very impatient and mistakens him for being drunk. With all this pushing and pulling they manage to drop the bottle of wine. They argue and both scream for the police. The police magically show up and Qiao Fei becomes all sweet and soft. BUT too late. The police asks them what their relationship is. Jiayang says he doesn’t know but Qiao fei answers that he is her customer. A customer of the winery to be exact. Jiayang decides to make life difficult for Qiao Fei and says ambiguously that he is not sure (implying that he is not a “customer of the winery” but something else). The police doesn’t listen to Qiao Fei’s explanation and asks them to return to the police station with him.


At the police station the matter is solved and they get to go home. BUT Jiayang is still drunk and tries to shove a credit card to Qiao Fei and keeps telling her “Don’t you remember? Last night…”. So Qiao Fei is kept a little longer while Jiayang leaves. Gosh this is frustrating. It’s funny how the person offering the services is considered illegal but the one who buys the services isn’t.

We meet Jiayi who picks up Qiao Fei at the police station. Jiayi is her friend and meets a very good looking guy their but misses her chance to ask him out.

Meanwhile Jiayang is driven home and we see that the person who picked him up was the good looking guy at the police station. It turns out that he is Jiayang’s brother with a different last name, Gao Jiaming (Gao Weiguang).


Jiayang flashbacks to a time with his friend Xiaohua. It is her birthday and he tells her to blow out the candles. But Xiaohua asks for him to wait for his brother. She tells him to take a photo first and they take a selfie. But as he moves in for the photo she makes him leave a humongous gap between them. Apparently she wants to stick a photo of Jiaming between them when she gets home. LOL! Jiayang is like whaaat?



Friendzone level infinity

The next day Jiayang picks up Xiaohua from the airport. She looks around waiting for someone… But Jiayang tells her that Jiaming has a surgery so he cannot come. But Xiaohua tells him that she knows it is an excuse and Jiayang slightly smiles.


At school Qiao Fei does a presentation in French. She is praised by the teachers and they encourage her to pursue her dream as she is a very suitable candidate to represent China as a translator. She passes with flying colours.


The aura that one has when working hard. Uni goals.

The next day Qiao Fei is running late for her interview. So she smashes into the person in front of her. That is some real clumsiness. She recognises him as the troublemaker at the winery and finds out that he is a manager of this organisation. He reprimands her for being one minute late.

He begins the interview session with a casual conversation. All is good and a girl begins to flirt with him where he seemingly plays along. However, after they begin to discuss the perfume she is wearing he does a 180 degree turn. He shouts at her mistake for wearing perfume as it is a basic rule for all interpreters to avoid any perfumed products as this can affect the parties involved impacting the quality of the translating process. He then proceeds to expel her.


He then calls the interviewees in one by one. At the sight of her resume Jiayang remembers the exchange student in Zurich from 6 years ago. When Qiao Fei enters she begs him for forgiveness by grabbing him arm. He angrily tells her to stop trying and pushes her arm away. That was very unprofessional of Qiao Fei. If I was Jiayang I would act the same way and in fact I would deduct marks from Qiao Fei not because of previous matters but because of her lack of professionalism. In a professional setting one should be able to recognise what is suited for the occasion and be able to separate personal and work matters. Did she not learn after he fired that flirty girl?


Even Qiao Fei’s attire is not suited for the occasion. Sigh. Good luck gurl.

Qiao Fei continues to unprofessionally explain why she was late. Jiayang tells her that she is wasting her own interview/performance time. LOL. He proceeds to ask her: “Why do you want to become an interpreter?”

She says that her idol is the renowned interpreter Zhang Lu and she wants to be like her. Jiayang mutters that it is an unrealistic expectation. Oh gosh, he doesn’t preach what he teaches. Did he lose his professionalism after mingling with all these unprofessional people?

He then asks her why she lost her scholarship in Zurich. Qiao Fei still doesn’t remember him and tells him that she was reprimanded by a strict interpreter who reported her to her university. He then corrects her mistake in Zurich once again. AND finally Qiao Fei recognises him. I can’t believe that she was supposedly the one who ranked first in all her subjects throughout her uni career.


Episode 1 was a pretty fun episode that set everything up and created enough foundation for a potentially great drama. Qiao Fei is starting to get on my nerves with her brash and impatient personality. Gurl can you calm down. If you want to become a second Zhang Lu well… Good luck, but I do believe in you. Jiayang is so cynical but in a sane way and I love it. Unlike other 霸道总裁 (Dominant CEO) roles that have been very popular (e.g. Zhang Han in Boss & Me) Jiayang’s character is very strict yet professional. He has high expectations of himself and expects everyone to be on the same level which can be patronising but at the same time a physical reminder to be the best you can be. Let’s hope that this drama will be worthwhile and let’s hope it does not disappoint!


10 thoughts on “Les Interprètes/亲爱的翻译官 Episode 1 Recap

  1. I feel like everyone is watching this drama! >< Thank you for recapping, I will try it as soon as I am done with exams :"D

  2. Welcome back to blogging! It is sad to see your old posts gone as they were pretty good, but it is also a great idea to start fresh~
    I agree with you about this episode. I also felt like YM’s character is a bit annoying as she gets hot headed for anything that happens. HX’s character is very professional and far from ZH’s character in Boss&Me. However, I find HX’s character super rude… Hope to see both leads improve their social skills!
    Also, that six years jump felt a bit unnecessary to me. I mean, there was nothing spectacular that happened in between. YM’s character didn’t even graduate in that time! And if they told me she forgot about the incident the next week instead of six years later, I would believe it too!

    • Thankyou! It was a difficult decision to remove everything but i think that was motivation for me to finally type something.

      And yes they both need to brush up their social skills. Interpreter’s need not only professionalism but interpersonal skills as well. I hope they weave this into the plot well 😀

  3. Welcome back! Yay, glad you decided to recap this.
    I agree with you about Jiayang. HX has so much charisma in this role that it is entertaining to watch. Qiao Fei can be brash, unprofessional and sometimes clumsy, but personally, it is fun to watch, especially with Yang Mi adding her own flair to it. Let’s see how she matures and learns some things from Jiayang as the story progresses…

    This is my favourite scene from the 1st episode, btw. The dialogue is quite funny and “coincidental”, if you get what I mean.

    • Ooh yes. Qiao Fei can learn a thing or two from Jiayang. And yes the dialogue is very playful. The mix of French and Chinese and a seriously creative and witty touch is much fun. Me likey.

  4. looks promising… and i like this kind of story. the male lead character reminds me of LLC from Best Time. uhm… can’t wait for watching it 😀

    please keep recapping this drama. i dont know where to watch this beside viki. and i dont know how fast the sub progress, sooo.. please. thank you. fighting!

  5. I think it’s interesting to have part of the action take place in Switzerland, and focus on an interesting profession (translation). However, I don’t know why they insist to pretend that people speak French in Zurich – do they think Chinese people are that ignorant? They could have easily put the first few scenes in Geneva… Nice to see that they will be featuring Lausanne and the Lavaux wine region though!

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